Panic! in Vegas
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Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas
Panic! in Vegas

Review Panic! in Vegas

Kevin Vadala
Fun game mechanics
Ads, microtransactions, cluttered
Panic in Vegas for Android is a game where you work with physics to get rid of evil dice. Apparently evil dice in Vegas started rebelling because they were tired of being treated badly. Now its your mission to get rid of these dice by ruining their place on perilously stacked towers. You tap the white dice to eliminate them, which usually represent foundations for the boards. If you do it right, you will eliminate white blocks that off-balance red blocks and the red blocks fall to their doom and you win, thus progressing you to the next level.
Panic in Vegas has a lot of things going on in some ways, but the gameplay still remains pretty simple and fun. There is persistent rock music that you can hear in the background that isn’t bad, a strange level map system, the usual reward system after you beat a level, the ability to skip a level and pay for it, ads that always get in the way, and ads that never go away at the bottom. The result is a game that feels very cluttered in terms of it’s interface and design.
Thankfully, while the game screams microtransactions and ads, I still found it to be pretty fun - if not worth a lot of time invested. The game plays out like Angry-Birds in that you utilize physics and balanced towers to kill certain “bad guys”. Its fun to see the angry blocks fall off and have clutch victories where your good dice manage to stay on while you're bad dice fall off. The red dice, a-la the bad guys, have funny angry faces and the green dice you have look innocent and panicked. It can be tricky to save everyone, and your score depends on it!
Panic in Vegas is a traditional free to play game with simple gameplay and a lot of tacked on elements. These free to play elements are unnecessary for gameplay but necessary for the developer to make lots of money. The game still can be fun, so give it a shot if you like physic based gameplay with a little bit of humor.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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