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Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People
Pixel People

Review Pixel People

Brandon Girod
Robust profession system, pixel art, unique story setting
Lots of waiting
Pixel People for Android has resuscitated the casual town builder genre for me in a very surprising way. It brought a sense of exploration in an otherwise static gameplay design that I didn't think possible. If you think you're full on games like this, get ready for a second helping.
The game's story tackles the genre from a different approach than most others. You are basically tasked with rebuilding society after Earth and humanity have been completely erased. Was it comets, war, or a rampant computer A.I. that did us all in? Who knows, I was wiped out with the rest of them. But your job is simple, create a thriving society with the humble beginnings of a few good clones.
Gameplay is similar to most other town builders that you're probably familiar with. You start with a quick tutorial that shows you a few mechanics you've probably seen a million times before, but then it introduces you to the professions. Each clone you make is essentially the clone of a profession. You start off with two of them, but you can mix and combine them to discover exciting and new professions. Finding a new profession makes you feel great because you get to "unwrap" it much like you unwrapped Pokemon cards as a kid, and the majority of the time you're rewarded with other perks as well as a building that your new clone will work in. More clones equals more buildings, and this allows your economy to grow and thrive.
Pixel People is a great town builder that rewards your patience. You won't find yourself waking up the app just to collect a few coins. Instead you'll find yourself wondering which of the 250+ professions you'll discover this time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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