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Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons
Epic Dragons

Review Epic Dragons

Vlad Popa
Fun gameplay mechanics, the level editor
Difficult to play without in-app purchases
Epic Dragons is a game based on the tower defense genre and to our surprise the dragons portrayed in this game play the role of victims and not the fierce creatures that we are used. Help cute dragons protect their land and resources from various monsters that want to rob them of their precious crystals. Command the dragons and use your strategic skills to stop the enemy invasion.
Like most tower defense games, you must guard against waves of enemies that follow a pre-determined path by placing dragons in key points to stop the enemies advance. Each dragon has a unique set of skills and stats that you need to take in consideration while planning your defense, they range from short range dragons, area of effect, single-target, fire, frost or passive ones that simply boost your attacking dragons. Players have access to 9 dragons to toy around with and discover their capabilities.
Of course the goal is to stop the invaders and not let them reach the end of the map. But to add some extra flavor to the game each map has 3 stars and to really mark a map as complete you need to maneuver the invaders into all 3 of them. You can do this by placing dragons in their path or use one of your 6 special abilities to help you achieve that. The stars are not there just for bragging, you can use them to unlock extra content within the game. An awesome feature is the level editor where you create your own levels. You can even invite your friend to try your map and see if his skilled enough to complete it.
Overall Epic Dragons for Android has the makings of a fun tower defense game that brings interesting mechanics on the table and manages to keep the user engaged for a decent amount of time. The graphics are highly amusing and are accompanied by soundtrack that doesn’t disappoint.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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