SoD: Alchemy Adventure
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SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure

Review SoD: Alchemy Adventure

Kevin Vadala
Fun depth, interesting combinations
Ads, still match three
SoD: Alchemy Adventure for Android is another match three game with a twist. This time, the twist is chemical. After playing a lot of match three games, sometimes it takes me awhile to realize what is different about the game. In the case of Alchemy Adventure, you can make special formulas and products to blow apart multiple rows. You can make NACL which is Sodium Chloride. When mixed with another ingredient it blows a lot of other ingredients up and gets you a lot of points quickly.
Alchemy Adventure feels strategic because of it’s emphasis on power ups that can be made through combining special ingredients. Each little tile on the levels are ingredients like potassium, or salt, or hydrogen. For someone unfamiliar with chemistry, I can see this being a little confusing and perhaps intimidating at first for them to grasp the mechanics. Thankfully, there is a help tab in the menus that tells you what ingredients you can combine, and really, there are only a few. I could see this game being pretty complicated and in depth if more formulas were added. It would be a perfect game to learn chemistry or for science nerds.
But as the game stands, its a fun matching game with a dash of science salt. The graphics of the game feel a little odd, but as I played the game they started to grow on me. The little dragon at the top contrasts with the darkly colored ingredients that you match, and the animations and movements feel a bit rocky and clunky, but not in a bad way. Everything about it somehow feels reminiscent of an old PlayStation game or something.
Alchemy Adventure is a fun matching game with a little bit of style and chemistry. The payment model of the game has ads, but while playing the game I found the experience relatively frustration free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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