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Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free

Review Meme Generator Free

Tariq Abdulla
Various features, completely free, ads are not confusing
Memes could have more categories
Meme Generator for Android is the ultimate tool of internet sarcasm. There are hundreds of photos to choose from. You can add text in the standard positions, or move it about, add more text boxes, adjust the size and color of each one.
All your favorite memes are here. Not bad Obama, Misunderstood Girlfriend, High Expectations Asian Father, Success Kid, Business Baby, Doge, Fry, Actual Advice Mallard, Aristocat, Condescending Wonka... the list goes on and on.
There are sure to be several good memes you've never even heard of. Thanks to this app, I just discovered the Joseph Ducreux meme, which rendered me hysterical for several hours.
Each meme comes with examples, so you can get a quick idea how to use it. The examples are not always the funniest ones out there, but they give you a good starting point.
You can create your own meme by adding your photos from your gallery. You can save your creations, share them in the usual ways, and combine them into multi-panel memes. You can search through available memes if you download another app from the developers (Image Combiner).
Overall Meme Generator is a great resource, that will give you plenty to giggle about. It's the easiest way of creating memes on the go, so can impress your internet friends with the speed that you ridicule their statuses, comments and photos. And, who knows, maybe you'll take a photo of someone, that will have its day of hilarious internet fame.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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