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Review RETRY

Tariq Abdulla
Unusual mechanics, really addictive, unusual game play
It's hard!
RETRY for Android is a platform game where you fly an out of control old school aeroplane. I spent the first 10-20 goes just crashing, and began to think it was impossible. But suddenly, I got the hang of it, and realised how you could actually balance and control the aircraft, with careful prolonged taps of thrust.
RETRY is a one-button game. You are pushing to thrust the aircraft, but it's constantly trying to loop-the-loop. You can loop constantly, but once you break out of a loop, it's very, very difficult to stabilise. The trick is to never quite point upwards. There's another trick where you drop-out of a mini-spin, but you have to learn how to get it just right.
The levels are not too long, but it's a real challenge to navigate them. You can see ghosts in all the places you've crashed before, giving you an idea of how many times you've already hit the retry button. But it doesn't get boring, as each level is like a maze, with multiple routes to take. There are retry save-points along the way, which you can unlock with game coins.
Oddly you crash right into the blocky clouds. But if you drop into the water; wait a few minutes and you'll sink, and be able to fly underwater. The game has a very 80's look and feel to it, but it's very dynamic and responsive.
With the name of Angry Birds' developer Rovio behind it, RETRY is bound to be a big hit. But the popularity is well deserved. It's a hugely addictive game, with original, unintuitive mechanics that require a jedi-like patience to master. It feels awesome when you start getting it right.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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