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Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
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Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free
Flow Free

Review Flow Free

Jay Feldman
Addictive game play, simple controls
Very common, mediocre graphics
Flow Free for Android is a decent puzzler of a game. There are plenty of levels but not a lot of variance from one puzzle to the next. I think this is one of those time-killers you keep and play occasionally while waiting in the dentist’s office, but never really think about otherwise.
Flow Free has a simple concept: there’s a grid with pairs of colored dots scattered about. The objective is to connect each par of dots by drawing a line to its corresponding match. The trick is, all of the dots have to be connected, but none of the lines drawn between the dots can cross. So there’s one way to solve each puzzle, and you gotta figure out which way to bend and twist to connect them all and complete the puzzle.
The game is a bit of a brain teaser, especially with the larger grids because there are so many options but still only 1 solution; so you really gotta think it through. There are tons of levels and alternate boards, but it all gets a little redundant and boring after a while. This isn't the kind of game I’d play, round after round. But I might go back to it once in a while if I get bored; well, assuming I even remember it.
Flow Free is fun enough just not very captivating or interesting. I think kids might like it, as would puzzlers of all kinds. The graphics should be better, even on a simple game like this. It’s decent, just kind of dull.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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I hate this stupid website cuz everytime I try to download something I keeps going on different pages and it is very slow
Ik wil free nownloaden
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