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Review Joyride

Tariq Abdulla
Powerful functionality, completely free, ads are not confusing
Settings interface could be simplified
Joyride for Android streams audio related to particular commentators, pundits comedians, vlogers and podcasts. It has a simple big-button interface with the idea that you could use it easily in your car. But the simple interface is just as nice to use for streaming some background audio into your life.
Popular channels include Crash Course, TED Talks, Richard Dawkins, Comedy Central, Radiolab and Chris Rock.
Joyride is free, and although it features unobtrusive on-screen ads, there are no ads in the audio stream. This really gives it the edge over some other streaming services, like free Spotify.
There are also music channels, but searching for any particular artist will in fact stream the audio from popular youtube videos etc, of that artist. This makes it quite an efficient way of streaming any kind of audio to your device. Certainly, it will use much lower bandwidth than youtube videos.
You add channels to your profile, and when looking at particular channels you can add specific tracks to your queue to play later. You can favourite or dislike tracks while listening to them, and the app also keeps a history of what you've been listening to. The audio will keep playing in the background if you do other stuff on your phone, and if you pause and return to a track it resumes smoothly.
Joyride is a cool way to use your device as a "radio", for stuff you are really interested in. It would work well as a car app, as long as you don't fiddle about with settings and channels while driving. It's bound to make your commute, or time doing household chores, a lot more interesting.

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Usefulness 10/10
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Originality 8/10
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