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SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt

Review SimCity BuildIt

Brandon Girod
Great attention to detail and visual design, cities grow in a lively manner
You end up spending too long waiting for some resources to generate, common and scarce resource timers are imbalanced
SimCity BuildIt for Android is a proper city builder that manages to stay afloat in a sea that’s full of sunken ships. The Play Store is flooded with city builders, but this one manages to look great, feel great, and not weigh you down with a heavy freemium microtransactions; though they certainly exist.
This game starts off with a heavy-handed tutorial that introduces you to a lot of mechanics that don’t really need to be introduced. It’s the same story you’ve heard before: build residential lots so Sims move in. The more Sims you have, the more money you’ll accrue over time. Additionally, there are factories to produce resources to upgrade your buildings; with other buildings offering a ton of different benefits as well.
Cities in this game feel pretty alive, but in a much different way than you might imagine. Some city builders have cars randomly driving up and down roads that do absolutely nothing but exist to make it seem like your city is building. In this game, your city actually grows in front of you as you upgrade it. A simple house eventually becomes a huge apartment complex and business become huge skyscrapers. Everything feels emergent and dynamic.
My biggest complaint is that they haven’t managed the rate that resources are generated in a balanced way. I’ll have to continuously play to gather smaller resources that are used to create more scarce resources. The common ones might take a minute or two whereas the more uncommon ones can take hours. It makes everything seem like busy work in a way that isn’t very fun.
SimCity BuildIt is much better received than SimCity 4. The game looks beautiful, and it’s amazing to see such a beautiful city expand on my mobile device.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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I have loaded sim city build it onto my kindle fire but can not malicious and move things or draw roads. The entire map moves instead. Please help!
dodo02 Aug 2016, at 17:19HTC Desire 300
htc desire 300, 4.1.2 not compatible why? on the text that device is incompatible do nothing
Viqry ekatama santoso
cant update with playstore why?
Abdulmateen Ahmed
Huawei ascend p6 version 4.4.2 not compatible why?
Brandon Girod
If you click on the text that says your device is incompatible, it should give you a reason why. 
Roby26 Sep 2015, at 15:37Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite
Non è compatibile con Samsung Tab 3 7 pollici
Hi, have a galaxy tab3, with latest jelly bean system on. I can find the book , cheats or anything else in the playstore except for the game. I have downloaded the game from my samsung S5

to a SD card moved it to the tab, no sucsess, the tab cant pick up the game. According to system requirements jelly bean is needed which I have.
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, can you just install the game directly from playstore onto your tablet?
Cant play with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7' android 4.4.2
Tariq Abdulla
What happens when you launch the app? Black screen?
Why cant i download simcity buildit in the playstore
Tariq Abdulla
What does it say on the playstore? Incompatible?
Hi Tariq, device compatibility issue
Tariq Abdulla
There's not much you can do I'm afraid
Can anyone help jeese trying to get it on my Samsung galaxy tab 4
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, Jesse, there are download links above the review. Just tap on "free version" to go to the Play store, where you can download this directly on your tab, or remotely from your PC.
How can I get this on my Samsung galaxy tab 4
Kim03 Jun 2015, at 19:40Archos 97 carbon
Game downloaded but will not run on my archos 97 carbon.
Tariq Abdulla
What happens when you try to run it? 
I also have the same issue. When I try and run it, the screen goes blank for about 5 seconds then shuts completely. Any help? Thanks
Tariq Abdulla
You could try rebooting your phone, and starting the game on a fresh boot, other than that I don't really know...
still not compatible.. i use asus zenfon 5....
Deangelo Hill
My device isn't compatible and I have a Hisense Sero 8 can I help this fact
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately if Google Play indicates an incompatibility then there is not much you can do about it.
maple14 Apr 2015, at 19:41Samsung GT-P1010 Galaxy Tab 7.0
i am using samsung galaxy tab4 but i fail to download simcity buildit, it shows not compatible.
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately if Google Play indicates that an app is incompatible with your device then there is not much you can do about it, though I am not sure why yours is incompatible.
Dr Daddy
not working with zenfone 5 it wont let me download, please fix it.
Vlad Popa
As I mentioned in your other comment, I still believe the issue is related to the device.
In any case, we have no control over the apps we review. You should take this issue up with the developers.
Google should mention the hardware specification requirement for all apps in Google play. Then easy for us to purchase a new phone that meet the requirement and meet our budget.

I'm using note 10 and zendfone 5. Can't play with my phone
Vlad Popa
I completely agree. Google Play should have all the specifications required. Unfortunately compatibility is a bit more tricky on Android than on a PC, yet they should still let us know.
Dharjen Cuarto
it's so good to play it
Mustafa Yavuz
I'm using zenfone 5 too and there is the same problem for me too. In the play store, it says " your device isn't compatible with this version.". I've done all uptades and now ı'm using 4.4.2 version. My friend is using General Mobile Discovery, android versions are same, also his phone's ram is worse than mine. Any solution or help pls?
Dr Daddy
I believe thats not the case, i can play any hard core games in zenfone 5, with full graphics. its just that, i think the problem is the google play, because in my apple mini ipad (the old one) (thats not a quad core) i can play simcity buildit there. so i therefore conclude the problem is in the google play
Vlad Popa
It is quite possible that the problem be simply with Google Play, although you cannot compare apps available for iOS with their Google Play counterparts. They are inherently different and many iOS apps are designed to be handled differently due to the different device components.
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately some device are simply incompatible with certain apps. In your case I believe it is due to the fact that your device is a dual core, while your friend's General Mobile Discovery is a quad core device. It is possible that the app requires a powerful processor in order to run.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Al Lander Dangpalan
it says that it's not compatible with my samsung galaxy tab 3 with version of 4.4.2. any help pls?
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately as I mentioned in previous comments, some devices are simply incompatible. In your case I believe this is due to your Samsung Tab's processor being a dual core, while the game requires a more powerful processor.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
i can't even get the game to install ugh.....
Vlad Popa
What seems to be the trouble installing the game? Perhaps I can assist.
why zenfone 5 cannot download SimCity?
Vlad Popa
I believe this is due to your device's dual core processor, while the app requires a more powerful processor in order to run.
Unfortunately some devices are simply incompatible with certain apps.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Vlad Popa
I believe the game should work on the device. What exactly is the issue that occurs when attempting to download and install the app? Please make sure to include any error messages displayed.
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