Escape from Montegrande
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Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande
Escape from Montegrande

Review Escape from Montegrande

Vlad Popa
Highly addictive, cute soundtrack, simple gameplay
Escape from Montegrande is a game that placed the player in the skin of an inmate imprisoned for life with nothing to lose. Take a chance at freedom and escape Montegrande, the highest prison in the world by skiing your way down a mountain, all while avoiding the policemen who are also into skiing and keen on bringing you in to serve your sentence.
The game is easy to learn and will get you hooked immediately. As you make your way out of the prison with a blast, you’ll alert the prison guards that will start a ski chase. Escape your pursuers by leading them into obstacles, while avoiding them yourself. The player must do whatever it takes to taste freedom such as leading them in trees, animals, and even blow up a gas tank to fling the main character across the map. Additional solutions to the guard problem are the different items that can be unlocked, from a harmless slingshot to a not-so-harmless bazooka.
The controls are easy; just slide a finger left and right to control the main character. Tapping on the guards when you start to get in a tight corner will dispose of them. The soundtrack and the simple cartoony graphics are amusing and will keep the player engaged during the entire escape attempt.
Overall Escape from Montegrande for Android brings fun and addictive game-play and manages to remain challenging enough to test the user’s reaction and dexterity. Don’t let the monotonous aspect of the game deter you from playing it. It’s surely worth a try and you will always come back to achieve the title of a notorious escape artist, discover all the weirdness the mountain throws at you and see if you’re the one that can escape this high security prison.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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