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Review BoxPop

Kevin Vadala
Creative game design, fun musical effects
Sometimes feels hard to think ahead
BoxPop for Android is a game that takes Chess mechanics and makes a puzzle game out of it. In Chess, there is a piece called the Knight. The Knight can move two slots up, and one to the left, or to the right. In BoxPop, the mechanic persists but instead of a board and other pieces to capture, you simply have to tap certain parts of a board in a strategic order to make sure that you get all of the pieces.
BoxPop is fun for a few reasons. The basic idea of the game is very interesting, and I found that even though the game is vastly different than Chess, I still played the game similarly. You have to think in advance before you move and it becomes a test of your spatial and memory abilities. If you just tap each spot that you can choose, eventually you will get to a difficulty that punishes you for being a strategist and you will have extra squares. The game’s in-depth strategy isn’t easy, and sometimes feels quite difficult.
The colors within the game change with each tier of levels which keeps things feeling fresh. The tier system that you go through provides a good visual representation of your progress.
Every time you make a move, the game chimes a pleasant sound. In some way the gameplay feels strictly like a puzzle game, but it actually almost plays like a music game. The first few levels were very satisfying and clean to listen to, and as I went on I was disappointed that the game wasn’t as fast paced with audio feedback but also impressed with the complexities I was finding that caused my moves to be slower.
BoxPop is a puzzle game at heart with some fun musical style and graphics. If you like the Knight piece in chess, you will love this game!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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