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Review Indestructible

Sergei Petrov
Glu Mobile company continues churning out one game at a time, with the quality of the games do not stop growing. Here's another hurricane racing action called Indestructible. Mainly focused on the game online-match of up to 4 players on the same map where you need to collect as many murders and try not to die.
In its atmosphere and the dynamics of the insane, the game reminds Indestructible masterpieces like Twisted Metal and Carmageddon. Immediately after starting the game, not waiting for our approval, we propose to choose the car and immediately thrown into this hell. Only after the first level we get to the main menu, where we can look around and realize that, in addition to the hurricane of action, in the game.


Gameplay is built is quite simple: we have a machine gun and two touch-wheel control. One wheel drive we adjust the direction, and the other controlled and shoot the gun. Initially, management may seem unusual, but after 2-3 minutes you will be able to just feel and even the first kill.
Starting round, of course, play with bots, which are not distinguished by their intelligence and wit, but they can learn to shoot and make some game resources for the purchase of an upgrade. And here is the second round of the game to play it encourages Online, and in general, a single mode is a simple addition to train and test weapons.
Playing for 5-10 seconds you three looks for wanting to fight, rivals and then runs round. No time to "think" is not defined as the enemy always knows where you are, as you know that and you (look at the small radar with arrows). When all the players face in the center, and do explosive madness begins with burning tires and clanking iron. In short, the dynamics of the game did not hold.

Indestructible features for Android:

  • Three full game modes - Capture the Flag, Death Match and Recovery zyaryadki;
  • Opportunity to fine-tune the look of your vehicle;
  • A huge number of weapons;
  • Extensive system of leveling skills;
  • Three cards designed for conducting battles;
  • Powerful physics engine with the possibility to various tricks, jumps and more.
Since the game is available completely free of charge and the creator of it is Glu, without vnutreigrovyh shopping here is not done. For the most powerful machines and cool weapons have either a very long time to earn GLU-loans or make real money. Also, the game is quite common "Citterio", hacked his health and introduce a serious imbalance.
Summary. Indestructible - is unique in its own way, the game is about the war on machines made very solidly and with the future in mind. Fixed time when developers found the bugs and understand with chitterstvom, then we will have another multiplayer masterpiece. Another would be to reduce the cost vnutreigrovyh services, and then, without infusion of real money here at all life is not sweet.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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