Colourform (for HD Widgets)
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Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)
Colourform (for HD Widgets)

Review Colourform (for HD Widgets)

Tariq Abdulla
Lots of settings, neat design, fully-featured free version
Battery issues with HD Widgets
Colorform for Android is a theme pack for HD Widgets. It combines dozens of lovely preset colours with a modern flat design. Unlike the standard theme (Glass Gems) you can adjust the opacity of the backgrounds to get a partially transparent look, and can also add any color you like. Colorform widgets have square corners for an efficient look.
You will need install HD Widgets first in order to use Colorform (HD Widgets costs about a dollar). Colorform then comes as either a full-featured free version, or as "Colorform XP" which also costs a dollar. The XP version contains some extra widget sizes, more preset colors, and a "smart clock" option where you have an indicator in place of the ":" of the clock. Any new custom widget sizes create would be added to the XP version.
The biggest thing missing from the free version of Colorform is the fullscreen widget. You also don't get the "tall" (1x2 and 1x4) widgets available in Colorform XP and the free Kairo. However there plenty of useful sizes available, including larger sizes for tablets. You can even squeeze a 6x1 onto a phone screen for extra switches.
If you find standard Colorform to be just too flat, you can also add a tile pattern and a gradient, but without it looking as glassy/metallic as the standard theme. The interface of HD Widgets with added theme packs is intuitive, as you can stitch between different styles for the same size widget. With the extra options offered by Colorform you will be able to quickly create something stylish and unique for your device.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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