Guns`n`Glory WW2
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Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2
Guns`n`Glory WW2

Review Guns`n`Glory WW2

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot, simple controls
Is lagging, bores you really quickly, low quality graphics, low quality animation
Guns`n`Glory WW2 for Android has an interesting approach to the standard tower defense game, but ultimately, the presentation is crude and the play is awkward. This one shows promise but needs work.
Guns`n`Glory WW2 takes your basic tower defense style game and adds a World War II twist to it. Choose your side (and may someone commit your to an asylum if you choose the Nazis) then protect your bases from the oncoming attack. Typical to tower defense games, there's a pathway leading through the area you're trying to protect. Just place your troops and tanks at strategic points to best ward off attack and protect your compound.
The innovative thing behind this game, is the ability to deploy your troops anywhere on the game board with ease. Just touch a soldier, then touch where you want him to go, and he runs off like an obedient grunt to exactly where he's been stationed and starts blasting bad guys. Troops and tanks can be repositioned at any time, even during battle, via the same method. This is cool and I've never seen anything quite like it before in a tower defense game. Usually, you build your defenses and towers, and there they stay until you either sell and move them or they are destroyed. This new twist though adds a whole new level of strategy because you have to plan the movement of your forces. Unfortunately, that's where the innovation ends with this one.
The controls are shoddy at best; it took several taps to get them to register. The graphics are decent but nothing great. The game does have a pretty good zoom control, but it only accentuates how choppy the animation actually is.
Guns`n`Glory WW2 has potential but is far too unrefined in its current form. It has the look of a retro platformer game, however, nowhere near as refined. Maybe in another iteration or so, this will actually be playable. As it is, it's just barely the quality of a functioning beta.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 7/10
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