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Review Fitbit

Tariq Abdulla
Integrates easily with other apps, powerful functionality, intuitive interface, no ads
Best used with Fitbit products
Fitbit for Android is a health & fitness tracker that lets you log your weight, calories eaten, calories burned, and water intake. You can use it to synchronise any of the Fitbit trackers, and, with your Android device.
Fitbit have a range of trackers including clips and wristbands that track your steps, activity and sleep quality; as well as a WiFi scale with body fat analyser. The body scale is the thing I am most tempted by. You can already do activity tracking with your phone, so it can be hard to justify the high cost of wristbands. The Fitbit Aria scale stores and automatically recognises up to 8 people, and then keeps a log of their weight and body fat composition on, with graphs of your progress. If you chose to, you can also share this information via Facebook or Twitter too. It would be perfect for small offices, households, or any small group of people who want to keep each other motivated to lose weight. There's even a few different ways you can challenge your friends and compete with them directly.
The Fitbit Android app can also be used to track your meals and water intake. However, water is kinda unnecessary (just remember to drink enough water every day), and there are better apps available for tracking your diet. E.g. Calorie Counter from My Fitness Pal, which has a bigger database of foods and a barcode scanner for quicker entries. You can also add entries easily via You can now link Fitbit with myfitnesspal, and with other trackers like Endomomdo, so that you can use each app to its strengths and easily draw a more complete picture of your health. I tried this out, and it worked really well; meals I entered on appeared almost instantly in the Fitbit app.
You can also set a weight loss goal, and Fitbit will come up with some sensible suggestions with different levels of difficulty. You then need to track your exercises and calorie intake each day to try and meet that goal. Just like old-style diet journals, the very act of making a note of what you eat and when you exercise motivates you to make healthier choices.
Currently Fitbit for Android doesn't have the capability to track activities with your phone's GPS, but this feature is coming soon, and is available already in the iOS app. You can anyway do this with other tracker apps, and link your accounts together. Like I say, the wristband trackers may be good for motivation, with the daily LED indicators; and might be worth the cost if you really want to track your sleeping and swimming. For most of us though, tracking activity with our phones still makes more sense. But the Fitbit WiFi scale, with an ability to effortlessly track weight and body fat composition as it falls and rises over time; that's the real USP of this app. You could use it to get real insight, like how much your weight increases in the winter, how much damage your holiday eating did, and how long it usually takes to get yourself back within a healthy range.

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Im Not able to sync fitbit alta with sony xperia L .
Please help me in that 
It is a fraud to sell something without mentioning that it is not compatible with certain devices.On your website it says Samsung Note GT 7000 android 2.3 is compatible. This is false information!
Trying to get some advice through your support is no use as no one is answering
I don't find your product/company serious and I very much regret buying your product 
I definitely do not recommend anyone to buy the fitbit tracker!!!
It is obviously not working, rubbish and your support does not answer!
Brandon Girod
Hey Richard, you might have better luck contacting Fitbit directly if you haven't already:
Hi I have downloaded the app for Fitbit on a Samsung Note GT 7000 version 2.3 but I cant sync against the fitbit and I find no further instructions in the app. The app says the battery is not charged but thats not corect
Brandon Girod
Are you trying to sync it via Bluetooth? I'm not sure how it works with Fitbit, but on my Moto360, I usually have to reset the device in order to resync it. It's pretty sensitive. 
hi can you tell me if fitbit charge hr is compatible with sony xperia ms
Brandon Girod
It looks like it makes the list of supported devices:
i mean sony xperia m2
I am trying to tie in the LGP930 through bluetooth to the fitbit. but there is no tile on the app to do it. Any suggestions?
Tariq Abdulla
I think you just need to tap 'sync now'
 I don't like that I wasn't told before buying that it will not sync with all phones. I just did the search and my phone IS compatible but my device will not sync with the app. I am frustrated and annoyed. Fitbits was what everyone was getting for Christmas this I am less sure.
I agree this is not clear, despite testing the app before buying it was not clear that this does not mean that you can sync with the device.
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about this issue. Can you explain in a bit more detail? Are you trying to just sync your FitBit wristband with this app on your phone? Because you should really be able to do that. 
I agree, I'm unable to sync with my phone....Blue Pure Life phone (android) which means I have to wait until I'm home to sync every single day!
Tariq Abdulla
I see. It sounds like a pretty major weakness. I hope they sort it out soon.
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