Drone : Shadow Strike
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Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike
Drone : Shadow Strike

Review Drone : Shadow Strike

Kevin Vadala
Fun explosions, controls work well
Microtransactions, simple game
Drone Shadow Strike for Android is a game where you rain down a variety of artillery upon helpless cars and soldiers that run around occasionally trying to kill you with their own rockets. I suppose they aren’t helpless after all, but because of how easy the game feels, they feel more like helpless people rather than war trained cold blooded veterans. I’m not quite sure who you are actually killing in the game because there isn’t really much of a story to speak of.
Drone Shadow looks and feels ok. A lot of the game simply feels mediocre but the gameplay can be fun even though it just consists of tapping units to shoot them. The mechanics rely on different kinds of rockets you can shoot, and I found the machine gun the most fun but its not the most useful weapon. It felt like the only one you could really aim with (the others you just tap in a general area and you can’t really miss).
This game reminds me of what might be a small segment in a big budget game. Something like a mission where you are controlling over head artillery to kill enemy units (think of kill streak Call of Duty). The thing is, that’s all this game is and it never feels anything but small, despite all of the weapon upgrades and microtransactions that follow suit.
Killing people can be relatively satisfying because each time you kill somebody you get experience, and the weapon effects can be flashy and bombastic. If you’ve always wanted to be some sort of bomber, this game might be for you, its just that I wish there was more depth to the game.
Drone Shadow Strike is similar to many games on the app store. It’s very simple and uncomplicated, with complicated microtransactions and upgrades to entice you into playing more. I can only recommend this game to the most devoted artillery fanatics.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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Steve Dondorfer
How the hell do i sighn in ? I used face book to sighn in and i got nothing ... fix this please cuz ide like to try this game out , but whats the sense in that if i cant even sighn in ?
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