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Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires
Titan Empires

Review Titan Empires

Kevin Vadala
RPG weapon elements, good controls
Shallow game that copies others
Titan Empires for Android is the type of game that I am sure everyone is familiar with. It looks like Clash of Clans, it smells like Clash of Clans, and it even - wait! It plays like Clash of Clans? Madness!
It’s Clash of Clans with a few twists. In the game you start off very similarly to what the genre always offers. You are attacking a base, and you spawn your units by tapping a few times per unit spawn. Then you have a Titan, who is like a normal hero unit. The cool thing is that your hero has an ability he can use to help in the battle. It’s like 1/4th of what it feels like in a MOBA game.
Then, when you get back to your base you upgrade buildings and place buildings one by one by navigating menus and then collecting resources and then upgrading the menus and then building a barracks to build more guys to fight in the wars that you started with..
In the game you find items after each battle with a healthy dosage of RNG (random number generator) characteristics. Then you can equip your heroes (called Titans remember) with these weapons to make them stronger in battle. Besides this one core mechanic, the game is very similar to what you would expect from it.
The graphics aren’t as sharp or as polished as I would like, as they look blurry zoomed in but they are colorful enough to look OK zoomed out. I like that there are different heroes and art styles for the heroes (dangit they are called Titans why do I keep messing this up, it’s important!) but their variety definately isn’t enough to get me hooked into a game that looks and plays like hundreds of others on the appstore.
Titan Empires is what it looks like with a little twist on hero mechanics. If you love items, or Titans, or heroes that are called Titans, stick around and build a base to fight, and upgrade, and get more items.. “The cycle of life and death continues, some will live, some will die” and some will play (Nasus from League of Legends).

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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