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Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings
Pirate Kings

Review Pirate Kings

Vlad Popa
Highly addictive, quality animation
Long downtime when all spins are used up for free users
Pirate Kings for Android is a multiplayer game, where you’re a mighty pirate with a quest to conquer the seven seas and become the king of the pirates. And in what way should a pirate do that? By plundering your friends or other fellow pirates of their resources and spend them as you please in order to build your island empire. But they won’t take kindly to that and they will surely want revenge. You need to build your island with a sturdy defense and repel your attackers in order to protect your precious booty.
The game’s main feature is the wheel of fortune that will decide if you’re meant for glory. The controls are easy as you press a button for the wheel to start spinning and based on your luck you will earn gold, the opportunity to Attack another pirate’s island where you will test your cannon on your victim by taping on their structures followed by a reward. The wheel allows you to add up to three shields on your island to protect you from other pirate. When the Steal option rolls you want to find the cash king by taping one of three islands presented to you by the game. Even if you don’t find the cash king you’ll still be rewarded with a substantial sum. There is a limited number of spins on the wheel with a fairly big cool-down. You can always take the not-so-pirate way and purchase more spins. But remember, real pirates take, they do not “buy”.
After all that swashbuckling you’ll want to spend your loot on the wide range of islands, items, upgrades and more. This will surely keep users yearning for more and will ensure their return to the seas for more booty.
Overall Pirate Kings is a catchy game that puts you in a 3D real-time world and lets you pick custom pirate avatars and flags. A personal dislike is the modern looking items that are unlocked as you progress that break away from the pirate theme.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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Steve h
My kindle fire tells me when I try and download pirate kings that I have on my phone and had on other tablets that's played using Facebook,that its its installed,I can't find it ,I've tried to redownload,but keeps saying I have got it.any clues how I can play it on my kindle.
Tariq Abdulla
hmm.... could you perhaps try tapping on "uninstall" in the kindle app store, and then reinstall it?
Doesn't work on iPhone 6 even if I install and uninstall.
can't install this apk on Lenovo s660& Panasonic eluga A ....
Mr chheng
Mr chheng20 Mar 2015, at 06:03ASUS MeMo Pad Smart
My phone not suoport (asus zenfone7) plz help
mgm14 Mar 2015, at 03:53Samsung Galaxy S5
How to install S5
mgm14 Mar 2015, at 03:51Samsung Galaxy S5
Can't install S5
Yan Naing Htay
how to play two pirate king account in my android device. my phone is samsung grand neo.Please help me
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