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New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends
New Words With Friends

Review New Words With Friends

Kevin Vadala
Fun game has remained unchanged
Ads, what is new?
New Word with Friends for Android is the newer version of the popular Words with Friends. It has the same word-based gameplay as its predecessor, and honestly, it doesn't do too much different. In some ways, I think its just a way for them to get old players of the app to get addicted (or frustrated) again.
The app works the same way. You have your account, and then the friends on your account that you can add through Facebook. From there you can challenge your friends to a match, and then you get to make the first move. The game plays out like scrabble where you place word tiles that connect to each other to gain points. You get more points for long or more complex word choices and creative tile placement. If your friend isn’t taking their turn, you can nudge them when sends them another notification to play.
The game has good polish. Inside the game you can see who are you are playing with at the top with their respective pictures, and everything around the app has cute poppy sound effects. Its also easy to switch between games as well. There is a community option where you can play with someone random, and there is also the ability to chat with the person you are playing with.
Unfortunately, the app does have ads and they are fairly frequent. They tend to happen once you exit a game and your turn is over. It also has one that pokes out at the bottom.
New Word with Friends plays very similar to the old Words With Friends. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the two apps unless you do an intense side by side comparison. Mainly, things remain the same and you might find a couple new features to smooth the process of beating your friends at this word game.

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Peter Brockmyre
Certain "words", like JE and JA are not accepted on my kindle, but are used successfully by many of my opponents.  So we are not playing the same game, and I am at a distinct disadvantage. can this be?
Joyce Dixon
Have had "Words with Friends" on both PC and Kindle Fire; upgraded to new Words on Kindle, but cannot connect to PC through email as before
WWF player
Are any of you playing with people who play on an iPad?
WWF player
I think it's terrible. I was accustomed to an iPad - baby easy.  When I log out of WWF and come back, I can never find my games.  
Susan E
How do I turn on the Word Strength Indicator like my husband has on his iPhone?
Suddenly word stopped and when I wnet to Kindle store it was not available!! My kindle is Fire HD 7.5.1_user_5174320, which is supposed to be adndroid 4.03
I cannot chat on WWF with certain players any more - only through facebook on my pc - can you help.   Just happened recently.  I've tried uninstalling, updating to the new version but it doesn't help.  Also get the same chat box on multiple games with the same person.  Thank you.
Tariq Abdulla
not sure, but maybe it's because they aren't playing through their phone anymore? this is just a guess. No idea about the mulitple games thing; tjhis might just be how the chat is designed to work..
Hotpepper gyrl
can i play this on my msi gaming laptop   ?
Tariq Abdulla
Well, you can play it through Facebook, is this an option for you?
My solo play has stopped working properly.  It doesn't "solo play" anymore after the 2 minutes have passed.  It stays in the "their move" row and only shows up as played after I've turned my Nook off then on again.
1) Does New Words with Friends that I downloaded on my Kindle Fire HD have a dictionary in the game?  The Android version does.  If it does, where is it?  2) When will upgrade to get rid of ads be available for the Kindle Fire HD version?
Vlad Popa
Sadly I do not have a Kindle device at the moment to investigate and answer your questions. Perhaps someone who does can help.
how do I download this to my kindle?  It just sends you to google play which only allows me to download to my phone.  I already have it on my phone.  I now want it on my kindle.
Vlad Popa
We do not offer reviews and links for Kindle devices yet. If you wish to download apps you will have to search for them in your device's proprietary appstore.
Just this once though, here's a link to it:
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
John Kinkade
Having trouble with a Christmas present. Dell Venue 7 not compatible with the Words with Friends app. Really?
Vlad Popa
If Google Play indicates that the app is incompatible then there is not much that can be done about it. Here's how to check to be 100% sure. Log in with the same Google Account on both your PC and your mobile device and then follow this link: on your PC. On the new page click "Install" and a new pop-up window should indicate any incompatibilities.
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