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Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings

Review Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings

Kevin Vadala
Can be really funny or cute
Feels sloppy and chaotic, premium features
Pinnatta-Interactive Greetings is a new app that is trying to innovate text messages by giving them a more personal and interactive feel. In the app, there are a variety of different message types that you can send people. Some of these messages you can shake to have them move (like a cocktail shaker), some you can put your own face in (like a pirate with your face), and some play out more like videos. I was initially disappointed that the app told me others might need to have the app for some of the messages, but I think it’s only for the interactive ones. I sent a “I love you beary much” video to someone who didn't have the app and it played out fine. They also added a nice touch that when your party receives the message, you get a notification that it went through successfully.
While Pinata is simple to use, there are a lot of things going on within the app that make things a little confusing. You start off on the homepage, and from there you are shown a whole bunch of pinatas and certain specials, or suggestions, or that you can register your number. From there you can send a Pinnatta, or look at your messages.
When you send your Pinnatta you choose a certain category that you want the message to be about. Things like New, Popular, Pinnatta Premium, Back To School, or even Family are some of your options. Once you pick a category, you are shown tiles that give little previews to what your message might be. You can preview your message and customize it from there.
This app has good potential for a variety of different occasions and friends. It’s a good app to prank your friends because some of the Pinnattas require the message to be unveiled, which leaves time for a good surprise. For example, I sent a dirty message to a friend that was only shown when they moved the umbrella aside. The note was written in sand underneath it.
Pinnatta feels a little cheap for all of its flair on the homepage and premium content that lurks around, but everything actually works pretty fluid. I like the app and can see myself using it in the future. It’s very similar to e-cards that are sent through emails.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 9/10
Design 7/10
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