Escape The Titanic
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Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic

Review Escape The Titanic

Kevin Vadala
Solid puzzles, good graphics
No introduction, no push back button
Escape the Titanic for Android is a puzzle game that tests your mettle to see if you can escape the Titanic before it sinks. You start off in the ship, and you can see through the window that you are hitting icebergs. There are no instructions, you simply spawn in a room with a bed and have to figure out what to do. After swiping away individuals in a crowd, you are well on your way to freedom. Or are you?
For some reason, I’ve never been good at these sorts of games. It seems like the answer to the puzzle is always somewhere out of my scope, whether it’s something I haven’t thought of, or simply something that I glanced over. I imagine that many people feel that way, and that everyone probably gets stuck on different steps for different reasons. The first few puzzles in the game were pretty easy to get around as they mostly consisted of just interacting with what was in front of you. I only got stuck when I needed a object I didn’t know I needed, and it was barely poking out behind some machinery. It was a wrench!
The graphics in the game look great. They contain a slight cartoony feel that feels perfect for the game. I like how you can interact with objects in games like these that don’t exist in other games. For examples, you can turn handles, and spin wheels. The puzzles in the game also use the graphical capabilities well. One of the puzzles has lightning sparks and a special way through them that could only be seen by switching the light on or off. It felt creative and neat.
Escape the Titanic is a slow paced game that requires you to really puzzle things out. Some of the challenges are more satisfying than others, but the game represents a good gaming model. You can pay for hints, and there aren’t to many distractions that make the game feel something other than free. It’s not only a free game, but a pretty well polished game. Sometimes there are hiccups in the puzzles, like if you push back too many times and exit to the menus it will reset your progress. I had to do the same wire puzzle three times and it was almost enough to make my phone have its own version of the Titanic.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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