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Gravity Guy
Gravity Guy
Gravity Guy
Gravity Guy
Gravity Guy

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Release date: 22 Dec 2011 Updated: 25 Oct 2013 Version: 1.6.3 Size: 18 Mb


Arcade game with unusual physics
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Gravity Guy is a nice physics runner game for Android about a gravity guy who needs to run without stopping. He lives in the world where gravity is broken and he became to be the only one of common folks who broke the rules and started using it. Now he’s continuously followed by the gravity police.
This game was released by Miniclip, the studio that always pleasantly surprises us with great games. Gravity Guy features fancy cartoonish graphics and dynamic soundtrack. Apart from the single mode (either endless or story playing) you can play it with up to four of your friends using the same device.

Game play

You start the game in the world full of obstacles like blocks, planks, or walls. The controls are pretty easy and you only need to tap the screen to change the gravity and jump onto the ceiling and vice versa. Apart from the immobile obstacles, every level you will also be followed by a member of the gravity police and sometimes lasers will be shooting at you.
To help you in your running quest, you will be able to use two boosts: shield that kills your follower and slowing boosts that let you control the situation more accurately, especially when you step on platforms that increase your speed. Overall, you will have four boosts and you’ll be able to buy extra ones for real money. The game has a checkpoint system that makes it easier to play.

Key features of Gravity Guy for Android:

  • Fancy graphics;
  • Dynamic and fast-paced game play;
  • Good physics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Checkpoint system;
  • Multiplayer mode.
The game is distributed completely for free and though it features a bit of built-in ads, they don’t confuse you while you’re playing. The only drawback is graphics that looks quite simple.


Gravity Guy is a really dynamic runner game for Android that is highly addictive and amusing because of all its gravity perks. We believe that it can be called as one of the best free runners on Android devices.


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