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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Review Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Kevin Vadala
90's style, fishing is fun
Ads and micro transactions, glitchy
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch for Android is a very arcadey-feeling fishing game with plenty of micro transactions and ads. You start off with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of fishing. You tap the button in the middle of the screen and if you time it right you can throw out your line fairly far. Then as far as catching the fish, it’s simply a matter of tapping enough to keep your line in between two gauges.
Ace Fishing didn’t leave a good first impression on me. It took me a few tries to even get into the game because the ads kept getting in the way. I would accidentally tap on it and then it would take me out of the app and I would have to restart everything. The second time I got in, the app crashed in the middle of the tutorial. Luckily, the app seemed to know what happened and took me right back in the tutorial.
My favorite parts about Ace Fishing are the actual fishing and the graphics. The fishing feels like an arcade game because it’s so simple and very exaggerated. The fish jumps in the air 10 feet or more, and the music that outlines the gameplay is very 90’s rock and roll. The graphics are relatively simple but clean. You have your fishing pole (its cool because it changes its appearance if you upgrade it), the boat, the water, and the scenery behind that. The boat is very small, and the water looks OK - but what really stands out is the sunrise and scenery that pops behind everything. On one of the levels the background looked warm and orange, contrasting great with the bright blue water with cresting waves.
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch has numerous options for you to fork money over. It also had ads in the beginning of the game which made it hard to get past. But with that said, the fishing is indeed pretty fun, and it even has haptic feedback inside it. Check the game out if you love fishing, but if you hate ads and microtransactions as much as I do, stay away!

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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Please can you tell me why my game disappeared and I have to start over?  I was logging on to finish one of my missions to catch 20 fish to get my reward.  When I logged on it said  "Hi, I'm Rachel ... new fisherman..."  In other words, I was to start over.  I still have all the achievements which are finished, but I have nothing else and cannot get back to my original game.
Please help, I have worked hard on this!
Thank you.
Tariq Abdulla
Hi Keegan. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your progress in this game. There probably isn't a whole lot you can do about it. It's possible that if you leave the game in the middle of missions, you might lose your progress on that particular mission. 
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