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F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II
F18 Carrier Landing II

Review F18 Carrier Landing II

Vlad Popa
Freeflight mode, both free and paid versions available, quality graphics
Needs a better story than just a few missions
Simulator games are seeing an increasing success on mobile platforms mostly due to how they bring realistic gameplay and modern graphics. F18 Carrier Landing 2 is no exception. It faithfully reproduces several aircrafts and places the player in their cockpits allowing for as much realistic gameplay as possible.
The graphics are quite impressive, with objects being highly detailed and a great atmosphere system that manages to create some great weather and lighting effects. The game only suffers if you look closely at the terrain. When nearing the ground, it becomes increasingly obvious that the level of detail is a lot lower than the rest of the game, mostly due to the need for a seamless experience with no loading time and no tears in the gameplay.
The gameplay is as close to reality as the platform allows. Once the selected mission is launched and the player has chosen between the simplified and realistic control schemes they are placed directly into the cockpit and given full control of their aircraft. Controls may seem strange at first and I personally failed several missions in order to learn them, so a tutorial would have been much appreciated. In order to guide the aircraft the player relies on the gyroscope for directional controls and a realistic dashboard provides controls over the aircraft’s instruments.
Overall F18 Carrier Landing 2 for Android is one of the best simulation games on the platform due to its pseudo realistic gameplay and modern graphics. While the paid version is totally worth it, more conservative users will find comfort to know that they can safely play the free version without it hindering any of the game’s features or being flooded by ads and even have the option to unlock only the parts they choose by using the in-app purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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