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Review Knock

Kevin Vadala
Creative and different, very useful
Isolated to it's own small app
Knock for Android is a very useful app that makes text messaging fuse with calls. You get a call about a message, and then you can either swipe to the side to say "no", up to send your location, or to the right to say "yes". It's that simple!
Knock is perfect for a lot of text conversations. That's actually where the developers came up with the idea. They researched and found that a lot of text conversations were very simple. And with someone you see on a day to day basis, that mostly holds true. If you need to ask your wife if she got milk, or if she's on her way home, Knock is a very good way to get a quick response in an easy way for both the receiver and the sender. The ringtone is a bit campy, but the rest of the app is very simple and streamlined. If someone says "yes", you are shown a check mark, and if they say "no", you are shown a red X. Then, if they show their location you can see where they are. This is a very cool feature.
In some ways, you might wonder why other developers don't implement something similar to what Knock is. Knock's biggest weakness is that it requires other users to have it installed, and it's own design is that it has to be within Knock's app. I think if Knock really wanted to compete, they'd make Knock a full fledged messaging app that has the same features Knock has but embedded into the app. I'm sure other apps like Google Hangouts would follow quick suit.
Knock is a very cool app and a useful one if your friends or family have it. If they do, it adds them and doesn't require much fiddling around with to get it working. Once you get use to the idea, you might just love it.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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