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Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight
Make Them Fight

Review Make Them Fight

Kevin Vadala
Difficult in a good way, colorful and pretty
Make Them Fight for Android is a very simple game with great colors and black stick men. It’s a multitasking game (depending on how you chose to play it. I want to try playing it with another person) that requires you to time each section of the screen to eliminate incoming ninja stars. There are varying difficulties that make the game harder by giving you more stick men to keep track of and thus more ninja stars to bat away before they hit your stickmen.
Make Them Fight feels remarkably polished. The colors within the game, and the general feel of the game, looks like some sort of logo with different color variations. There are different colors for each section of the screen to make it easier to focus on each different one. The combat and sword swinging works well as you hit the ninja stars away. You simply tap on a certain part of the screen and the stick man will swing. You have to time two perfectly, and the difficulty comes in with additional stickmen and thus sections of the screen to watch over. Essentially, it’s a multiplayer game that forces you to multitask in a single player mode.
For how simple the game is, and how fun the idea is, I couldn’t help but be disappointed at the aggressive ad system. It’s the same sort of nonsense, that when you die, you are given an ad. For these types of game where you die a lot, it’s remarkably profitable for the developers but also incredibly consistent and frustrating for the players.
Make Them Fight is a straightforward game with a lot of different difficulty levels. I like how easy it is to jump into, and how difficult you can make it. The style is also pleasing to the eye. Check the game out if you are looking for a challenge or if you like fast paced multi-tasking.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
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