Pug Rapids
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Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids
Pug Rapids

Review Pug Rapids

Vlad Popa
Addictive, challenging, simple controls
Monotonous game play
Pug Rapids is an Android game that will find you helping a lovely pooch collect gold by guiding him through a fast streaming river. Tough an odd place to find a pug, expanding his piggy bank and later spending all those coins on some much deserved doggy treats. The weirdness of the situation does bring some amusement to the game.
Pug Rapids might be simplistic in nature with some basic controls for guiding our protagonist left and right throughout a maze along the river. The game won’t forgive the user and it will test your reflexes and dexterity while you try to avoid hitting the river-bank. The game is for all ages and will surely keep you entertained. Personally I find it addictive and I always come back to try and beat my high score. It feels a bit like Flappy Bird through the simplicity and addictiveness, and most importantly through the fact that it can get quite frustrating at times. The graphics have a distinct cartoony look with a matching soundtrack, combined with our goofy hero will bring a smile to most players. Even if the environment background does not change, the maze is quite a dynamic one, changing after each spawn. That way you don’t get bored going through the same place over and over again.
Overall we have a fun and addictive game. Tough the lack of variety will most likely tire the user flinging our poor pug left and right. The game’s simple nature is part of the charm and many users will return often and try to defeat their high scores.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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