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doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player

Review doubleTwist Player

Jay Feldman
Various features, minimalist design, stylish design
No folder view for music, no wma support, weak functionality, is lagging
doubleTwist Player for Android is seriously limited and charges a premium to boot. It’s a decent player, but there are far better.
doubleTwist Player has a nice modern looking interface. I love the white text and icons on the dark background because it’s high impact and easy to see. The player boasts the ability to play an array of media, including music, videos, podcasts and even radio. A lot of the features you’ll really want cost an annual subscription. The free version just doesn't do enough, and the paid version simply isn't worth the price, given all the better alternatives out there; if I gotta pay, then it’s gotta be great.
The biggest flaw I encountered, and it’s a doozie, is this app does not support WMA files. Yes, I know, a lot of people use MP3. But at the end of the day, picking sides on that one is basically deciding which corporate team you want to root for, I just couldn't care less about that. I want a player that plays the files I have; especially if I have to pay for advanced features. So, right there, this app is a bust for me because my collection spans many years, many formats and I’m not going to waste any time reconverting everything just to use apps like this.
The next deal breaker for me, is the lack of a folder view option. This player only makes use of the standard playlist, artist and album file structures. That’s fine and dandy for all the iTunes fans, but I have a lot of independent music with unreadable metadata, so that leaves all that music invisible to this app, thanks to the lack of a folder view option. On the plus side, videos played well, but the interface is extremely sparse.
doubleTwist Player is decent if you have a very static music library. As a free player, I’d say grab this and give it a try. But as a paid premium app, I say skip it and spend your money on something better.

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Usefulness 8/10
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Originality 6/10
Design 7/10
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Hoaratio Raddish III
trying to use on my Galaxy S% with a usb cable and simply doesnt work. Not inclined to pay for Airsync on basis that might not work either. to be honest wish I had never moved away from an Iphone!
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! Android is not that bad and even better than iPhone in many cases. Why not to download the app from Google Play using a Wi-Fi connection?
Utterly worthless with Galaxy S4. Airsync wont work. Cant sync with cables. How do I get my money back?
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