Gladiator True Story
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Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story
Gladiator True Story

Review Gladiator True Story

Kevin Vadala
Amazingly fun, hilarious sound effects and blood, ridiculous bosses
Combat is too simple
Gladiator True Story for Android is a fast paced action fighting game where you try to stay alive by fighting multiple waves of gladiator fighters and the occasional boss.
At its core, Gladiator True Story is a very fun game. Gladiator feels exhilarating because there are different weapons to find on the battlefield, and it has very polished, albeit a little simple, fighting mechanics. The game feels like something that it isn't often found on the App Store.
Every time you hit an enemy in the arena there is a lot of blood and the enemy goes flying through the air. Sometimes body parts are strewn about after each chop. It really does make the game feel satisfying to connect your attacks against your opponents.
The controls work well, with the basic attack button on the right side of the screen and the block button. You have the movements on the left side of screen with a virtual joystick. The only time the game and the controls do not necessarily feel fair is when you are fighting against archers. For some reason you can't move while you hold your shield. If you only have a little bit of life left and an archer is shooting at you from across the arena, it is very hard to actually stay alive. I also wish they added more complexity to attacking with more combos than a simple charge up.
This game has a lot of replay value. You start off the game and you might last a few rounds but eventually you start progressing further and further, and as you do so, you unlock more armor that is automatically puted on your character that gives you more health and makes your gladiator slightly more cool. You start off in leather and slowly progress towards shiny armor. Every time I progressed I got to see more cool bosses and there's even a Tyrannosaurus Rex - which is kind of ridiculous, but also kind of awesome. The weapons that you can find around the map are also really powerful. I particularly like the poisoned sword that had little green skulls floating off it, and I really liked the shield that looked gold and blue. It felt very heroic!
Gladiator True Story isn't really a true story. Actually, it doesn’t contain any story at all! It’s simply a game where you fight enemies in a small arena with cool graphics, cool effects, and simple but satisfying hack-and-slash gameplay. I would really recommend checking this game out and try not to let the ads bother you because this is a game that is fun enough to actually warrant the irritating insistence that ads have upon the mobile genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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