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Review ZKW-Reborn

Kevin Vadala
Satisfying audio and haptic effects, snappy shooting
Small levels
ZKW-Reborn for Android is a zombie shooting game where you collect weapons and kill lots and lots of zombies. While the game is simple, it’s mechanics are polished and the gameplay is gnarly and bloody. There is no multiplayer component, but you can add bots to play with if you are feeling very lonely.
ZKW makes shooting zombies very fun. Each time you hit a zombie, your phone vibrates with haptic feedback. This makes shooting zombies feel realistic and exhilarating. Each pullet that bunches through their rotting carcasses vibrates like a gun might in your hand. Blood effects are plenty and well done, and they spray out of the zombies and even stick to walls for short periods. The guns all have great sounds and effects as well. However, I did find the shotgun a little disappointing. It didn’t really have spray effects, and it felt more like a rifle. The machine gun that I picked up was more useful and great at mowing down the hordes of zombies.
The game has an interesting level system, with it primarily being based on the amount of money that you earn from killing zombies. The more you kill, the more places you can move around and guns you can buy. It keeps things interesting to be able to move around and leave the starting area.
As you get more money and more unlocks throughout the map, the difficulty starts to increase with more zombies and eventually harder zombies. They eventually start running faster and are much harder to kill.
Overall, I don’t have many complaints with ZKW-Reborn. It’s a relatively simple arcade shoot-em-up type game with smooth gameplay and decent controls. You nudge the movement stick up to jump, and then to aim, you just point your character up or down to shoot when zombies get close enough.
ZKW-Reborn is a great game for those looking to shoot some zombies. It feels very reminiscent of a metal slug type game with similar shooting mechanics and even the grey cartoony art style reminds me of the metal slug games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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