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Fast Finger
Fast Finger
Fast Finger
Fast Finger
Fast Finger
Fast Finger
Fast Finger

Review Fast Finger

Kevin Vadala
Satisfying effects
Too simple, aggressive ads
Fast Finger for Android is a game where you use your finger to navigate through small mazes very quickly. You hold your figure on the entrance, then you move your figure throughout the maze as quickly as you can without hitting one of the walls. If you hit a wall, you have to start over. Unfortunately, sometimes when this happens an obnoxious ad pops up. It’s the type of ad that can only be closed by tapping the furthermost corner of your screen. On a screen as big as the Galaxy S4, this was a huge inconvenience.
Besides having annoying ads that pop up, and rest permanently on the bottom of the screen, Fast Finger is a relatively fun game that doesn’t have much complexity. Sometimes the game doesn’t really feel like much of a game, but more like an app that has you moving your finger through things while it generates ad revenue. I say this because the levels are extremely simple, and easy. Granted, you can always do better and get higher scores, but there is no inherent challenge. The levels are always straightforward and it’s never a question of where to go, but how to get there. Sometimes there are obstacles that get in your way, and you can use power ups to avoid them or simply be patient enough to avoid them.
The game feels more like an action and reflex game than a thinking game. While I was playing it, I couldn’t help but feel that a more maze-like experience would have been beneficial in terms of increasing difficulty. If they had created mazes with obstacles in the way, that you had to complete before a certain deadline, I could see that being much more fun than the current state of the game and it’s very slow-ramping difficulty progression. I do not care about getting stars, and quite frankly, I am sick of games that think I do. It’s more fun to succeed, or simply not to succeed.
Fast Finger is a game that might appeal to twitchy folks who like to beat high scores and love to swipe on their phones. For those looking for more meaningful gameplay experiences, or a challenge, you need not apply.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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