Spring - Increase height
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Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height
Spring - Increase height

Review Spring - Increase height

Kevin Vadala
Incredibly fun and weird, easy to use, sky is the limit
You might not be able to trick friends
Spring for Android is a very interesting app that can make your body appear taller than it actually is. You simply add a picture into the app from a gallery, or take one, and then you have a few different options to accomplish the same goal. You can place three markers accurately, or just pick a region to grow. The latter is if you want more specific results. Then, once you have placed the right points on your body (which is actually really easy to do) you check the mark, and then you can grow your body with a slider. It's quite funny to see your body stretch.
When I downloaded Spring, I didn't expect it to work so well in terms of actual function, but also in terms of it's design. It has a really good design for such a gimicky sounding app. The layout is clean and green, and it's very simple to perform the growth on your body. When you load a photo, your photos are organized in a neat and organized list that you can see your phone's picture files in. It's equally as easy to import a picture.
The way the application seems to work is that it takes a certain part of the picture and stretches it. If you perform the growth once, you can hardly tell that the picture has become warped. I took a picture with a shadow behind it, and the shadow increased with my own size making the picture look much more realistic.
The app does have ads but they didn't bother me that much. The app could have pasted an annoying logo or made you pay premium to actually get a use out of the app, but it feels very fair and free to use.
Spring is a fun and weird app that is sure to be a hit on your Facebook news feed or Instagram.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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