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Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta
Survival Tools Beta

Review Survival Tools Beta

Tariq Abdulla
Lots of information, various features, simple interface
Very common
Survival Tools for Android is a set of handy tools that could help you stay alive in emergency situations; assuming you can get your battery to last long enough. The tools include a compass, location with different types of map, a flashlight with an "S.O.S" mode, a stopwatch and a U.S army survival manual. The interface is bright and uncluttered. This will be an appealing app for outdooorsy youngsters.
OK, so obviously all these tools are available in other apps, and you probably have a few of them already. But perhaps it is worth having the SOS torch just in case. The maps require an internet connection, so if you are heading into the wild it would be a good idea to also get some offline maps such as And some paper maps too. The stopwatch is very accurate, and lets you record multiple times.
The survival manual is obviously copied verbatim from the source, but the text is very readable with plenty of pictures. Could do with a search feature though. Packaging the app together like this will be appealing to youngsters in clubs like the Scouts, and reading different sections of the manual is likely to teach them a great deal. There's lots of scientific information on identifying different plants and animals, how much food and water you need to survive and of course how to tie various knots.
Survival Tools for Android will save a bit of space in a typical rucksack. The modern scout with a reliable data connection and a spare battery will be able to leave out maps, a compass, stopwatch and book. They still better pack the walking boots, food, tent and first aid kit and penknife though.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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