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Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List
Ready Contact List

Review Ready Contact List

Tariq Abdulla
Functions quickly, stylish design, completely free
Interface needs tweaking
Ready Contact List for Android is a dialer / phonebook app that shows your contact list in a pretty way (at least if you've added photos for your contacts, or some are available via their google profile). So Ready lets you organise your contact list in a slightly more social networkesque kind of way.
When somebody calls you, or when you are just browsing contacts, you'll be able to see your history with that person which integrates everything from text messages, emails, calls and any calendar events you might have shared with them. The history shown in a chronological, color-coded way, that feels very organised and includes calendar events into the future.
If you are very busy, dealing with lots of calls, emails and meetups with a lot of different people, this app will likely appeal to you. There's a spin wheel to quickly swipe through your contacts. When looking at a contact card, you can select from some common options, such as sending them an email, text, calling them or scheduling a meeting in a shared calendar. You'll also see these options at the end of a call with a person.
Ready Contact List is visually appealing. If you have a photo for a contact, you get a nice blurred effect background when looking at their contact card. You can swipe between the two different ways of searching your contacts, but when looking at a particular contact you have to press "back" to get out of it, which is not ideal. It wasn't really for me, but it will be handy if you want to integrate calling, texting and email in one place.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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jaama guled
i need acreating viber voice message
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