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School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D
School Driving 3D

Review School Driving 3D

Vlad Popa
Realistic driving experience, three gameplay modes, controls have lots of customization options, decent graphics
Free users are overrun with Ads which hinder gameplay, some control types need to be improved, the camera is extremely uncomfortable and hard to maneuver
Are you ready to earn your driver’s license? School Driving 3D for Android is a realistic driving simulator that manages to actually be helpful by offering users the chance to practice their driving skills.
The game manages to realistically simulate driving in almost every condition you can imagine, from bad weather to heavy traffic to open roads at night, the game has almost everything. In each scenario players must respect the rules of the road and drive as well and as safely as possible. Driving correctly earns XP which may be used to unlock new categories and even awesome cars.
Controls are hugely customizable, from choosing between types of steering (personally I found the tilt controls rather clunky, the buttons the easiest and the steering wheel the most realistic) and even choosing the kind of transmission you want to use. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game introduced the H shifter, even if it did not work as well as it should. No matter the control style you choose, make sure to adjust the sensitivity accordingly or you may find handling in certain situations extremely difficult.
Whether you’re studying to become a driver, need some safe, virtual practice or simply want to test your skills, School Driving 3D is definitely a game you should try. I did encounter one or two glitch with the AI drivers, but somehow that made things even more interesting as it added an unpredictability factor to the game.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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great game
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great game
The game is great but needs windscreen wipers and a horn
Brandon Girod
You should suggest that to the developers!
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