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Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm

Review Rain Alarm

Tariq Abdulla
Accurate warnings, functions quickly, completely free
Needs a non-silent alarm option
Rain Alarm for Android keeps an eye on local weather conditions for you and sends a silent notification that answers the only important question about the weather: "is it going to rain soon?" This makes it a vital tool for everyday life, whether you are planning a picnic, contemplating the laundry or wondering whether it's safe to venture outside now.
Rain Alarm won't just tell you that rain is coming, it will give you stats on the distance, intensity and % area coverage; so you can quickly see just how much of a storm you might be in for.
The app includes two mini-widgets (one taking only a single tile, the other being just 2x1), which display the distance, intensity and coverage of the nearest inclement weather - so you can always check how far away the rain is. If that's too much information, you can just have the widget display an open or closed umbrella, so you know what to do. Tapping on the widget opens the app, which shows a map how the storm clouds have been moving in the last hour. You can zoom out to see a bigger area, and use satellite or terrain maps to get a better idea of where exactly the rain is heading. So you could even plan where to go next in order to avoid the rain. If you want to warn your friends, or get some sympathy, you can share the weather maps as a static or animated image.
Rain Alarm does indeed consistently alert me when rain is coming, and that's exactly what I need from it. It's a pity that there is no option to have the alerts as non-silent. When I'm out, I really want to be notified as soon as possible that rain is heading in my direction, so that I can plan evasive action. But if you suspect the weather may soon turn foul, having a real-time indicator, with a detailed map, can be a godsend.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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