Dragon, Fly!
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Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!

Review Dragon, Fly!

Alexander Vorobyev
Dragon, Fly! is a nice arcade game for Android devices that lets you become a baby dragon and try to escape from your dragon mother and learn to fly. Well, maybe it’s too early for you to fly yet… Therefore, you will need to slide along the hills in an effort to fly and gather crystals and bonuses.
The game somehow reminds Banzai Surfer and features the same controls: tap the screen to speed up when you’re sliding down the hill and release the screen to gather speed while mounting a steep slope. And though it may seem really easy, it’s not actually like that as you will need to accurately control your movements in order to always keep going at the same speed.
The levels will be divided into several realms which you will be able to reach if you are fast enough. Crystals you gather may be spent on purchasing perks, whilst potion pots that will also sometimes be present in the levels let you fly higher and for a longer period of time.
Dragon, Fly! is a great and simple arcade game for Android devices that features responsive controls and addictive gameplay. And though it’s made in a really quality way, it may start becoming boring after playing it for a while.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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