Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
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Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG

Review Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG

Kevin Vadala
Great combat, big and complex game
Might be better suited for bigger screens
Pocket Starships for Android is a space game that combines simple combat mechanics and an arcade feel within a large player base. I’ve always thought a good way to do a multiplayer space game right would be to have a top down view with simple graphics, lots of customization, and good PVP. Pocket Starships delivers on all fronts and it’s even available cross platform.
Pocket Starships starts off simple, which is a good thing. The combat works by holding down the fire button and keeping the enemy within the sights. There is a indicator that shows the range. The fights consist of keeping your distance strategically and strafing out of bullet range or in between bullet arcs. It reminds me of bullet shooter games like 1942, which is really cool. It doesn’t feel as simple as Galaga, but it’s simple enough to feel easy to perform and challenging to master.
All of the sounds and graphics within the game feel very polished and top notch. There are science fiction sound effects across the menus, funny character art, and a lot of different ships - although they have relatively simple designs. Although the game plays pretty well on my 4.7 inch screen, sometimes things feel a little bit cluttered and I can’t help but thinking any serious player of the game wouldn’t just migrate to a tablet or a computer. There are a lot of menus, and at first things feel a bit confusing.
I like how the game integrates social play, and from the beginning I was being put into groups. However, it was a bit hard to tell whose group I was in and what effect it was having. It was fun seeing other people’s ships drive around and mine for ore like I was. It made the game feel social and lively unlike any other space game I have played before.
Pocket Starships is a complex game with simple but fun controls and style. It's a game I could see myself really delving deep into for PVP or for the intense customization and end game. The free to play model is also well done and you can access the same amount of content without paying, if not with some extra work involved.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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I just download a version for the pc.  I have one question.  How do you get into the base station?
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