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doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm
doubleTwist Alarm

Review doubleTwist Alarm

Sergei Petrov
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the standard alarm clock, it can be easily replaced by downloading alternative application from our website or store Google Play. One of the most exciting and popular representatives of the alarms - it doubleTwist Alarm.
This alarm clock can be called the most beautiful representative of this type of programs. The interface is made in soft dark colors with the utmost attention to detail. One can not give credit to the developers, as they made a design for even the settings menu, the design of which is usually not working.
Under pleasant outer shell hides a multifunctional program that covers virtually all aspects of the alarm, trying to be the only application of its kind in your system.

Kind of alarm clocks in the doubleTwist:

Time - a standard alarm clock, which can be assigned to a specific time, date, or make repetitive. Initially, the application has set up two such alarm, one of them will wake you up on weekdays, lunch on weekends.
Sleep cycle - an interesting type of alarm clock that will appeal to those who want to normalize the schedule. Here you can set the time you want to wake up. The program itself will tell you when to go to bed, depending on the phases of sleep.
It is worth considering that sleep on average it takes about 14 minutes, so you should prepare a little in advance. Also, if you want to go to sleep right now, you can click the "I'm going now," and the program will tell you the best time to wake up.
This type of alarm can sleep better and wake up always in the waking state. It should be borne in mind that each person is different, and many of such an approach may not be appropriate. On this topic we have recently surveyed an interesting program Sleep as Android , which is not only able to wake the phases of sleep, but calculate them for each individual, using the accelerometer.
Sunrise - an interesting type of alarm, which, depending on your location, you will wake up with the sunrise. So if you want to fully synchronize your sleep with nature, you should choose this type.
Nap - it is not an alarm clock, and a real timer for Android, which with the help of beautiful wheel allows you to set the time from 0 to 60 minutes (default is 30 minutes) for a short sleep to little "nap". You should not perform this type of alarm, as there is a good chance moments sleep departing life.

Features doubleTwist Alarm:

  • Opportunity to ask any melody (including random), the sound of the alarm clock or playlist;
  • Tip ideal time "when to go to bed", depending on the desired rise time;
  • Adjustment of the "default", which will run when you press the "set aside alarm";
  • Ability to use as a bedside clock in analog or digital form with the possibility of blackouts.
Summary. doubleTwist Alarm - is the perfect alarm clock for Android, which is hard to find any flaws. The only thing I would add, as a test of wakefulness with equations and simple puzzles.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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