Neon Battleground
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Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground
Neon Battleground

Review Neon Battleground

Vlad Popa
Multiplayer, action packed
No diverse game modes
Neon Battleground for Android is an intense multiplayer shooter game that focuses heavily on free for all, player versus player action.
The game launches players directly into the bright and colorful action, with no tutorial available or needed. Players are dropped into a small map with several other players and forced to shoot and dodge for several minutes before the round is over. Power-ups found around the map offer shields, more damage and more. Couple those powerups with good reflexes and some skills are the keys to victory. For newcomers it may seem a little chaotic and extremely fast paced but once you’ve played a few matches it all starts to fall into place. Fight, win, upgrade and repeat, that is the style of the game. Between fights you have the chance to purchase new ships and upgrade them to give you an extra edge in combat.
Like most games, two virtual joysticks handle the controls. The one on the lower left controls the movement and the lower right one handles aiming and shooting.
Overall Neon Battleground is a decent game if you’re looking for a faster paced and intense, yet at the same time simple action game. Keep in mind that a constant internet connection is required in order to play. The only disappointment I had with the game is the lack of different game modes. It gets a little repetitive when played for a long time. This could have easily been avoided by adding game modes such as capture the flag or team deathmatch in addition to the existing FFA game mode.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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