Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
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Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas

Review Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas

Tariq Abdulla
Highly detailed models, test yourself, completely free
Menu system could be better
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas for Android brings highly detailed models of human anatomy to your android devices. Remarkably, it's completely free. It doesn't have ads, though it does pester you for a donation to help the team keep expanding it.
The Anatomy Learning app won't replace traditional anatomy and physiology textbooks for medical students, but it is an extremely useful learning tool. And it means you can keep studying in bed or at the breakfast table.
For the layperson, or those who know only a little anatomy, it's just fascinating to see what our bodies are made of, and how everything fits together.
In some models you can explore how the major blood vessels connect in different parts of the body, while others show the muscles, nerves, or the bones and ligaments.
Anatomy Learning highlights different anatomical features when you tap them, and gives the name, so you can learn interactively. There's a puzzle mode, which allows you to add or remove any nearby parts to the currently loaded model. So you can build up a model of your own, and even save it to your favourites. Most sections have a quiz mode, where you select markers for different features. This is a great way to interactively test your knowledge.
The models can take a little while to load, so to speed it up, for each section you can choose to cache a certain proportion of the content. There's no completely offline mode however. I think the content could be a little better organised, so that you could browse by body system or area.
I have learnt some heart anatomy, and I've used 3D digital models before. Exploring them gives you insight that you just can't get from textbooks alone. Anatomy Learning stands out as a resource because of the ability to create your own models by adding and removing parts, and the features for testing yourself. Having it available on mobile devices just makes it even more useful.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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