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MorterPlayer Audiobook
MorterPlayer Audiobook
MorterPlayer Audiobook
MorterPlayer Audiobook
MorterPlayer Audiobook
MorterPlayer Audiobook

Review MorterPlayer Audiobook

Sergei Petrov
MorterPlayer Audiobook - application to play audio books
MorterPlayer Audiobook - a powerful processor to read audio books on Android-device. The program has a huge number of options and the ability to adjust for themselves any part of the interface. Also, download audiobooks can be absolutely free from our website or store Google Play.
When first opening and inspection, once it becomes clear that the person who developed this program, very fond of her. First, here are placed in each corner of the tips and detailed explanation why this or that function. Second, the program is distributed, as opposed to Smart AudioBook Player, completely free and without any restrictions.
  • Automatically saves the last 10 positions for each audio file;
  • Gesture support;
  • Download pictures of covers and accessories;
  • Additional buttons for scrolling for short periods (customizable)
  • Built-in equalizer;
  • Built-in alarm clock with flexible settings for each day;
  • Customize the look, colors, etc.

Use MorterPlayer Audiobook

First, it offers a program after reading the instructions - select a folder with audio books. If you have not created it, it's time to do it and fill it with books, which can be found in online stores or torrent. It supports all major audio formats, from mp3, mp4 and up to exotic types wma, flac. Also, if your book comes along with a playlist, the program will take into account and that, or just sort out the book according to the file number.
The program reads own tags ID3, instead of using the ones that determine the default Android. This method can cause some problems and characters instead of Russian names. To fix this, you need to sign in the "tags" and change the encoding to windows-1251 or UTF-8. Then in the main window, press the menu button and the "update data folders."
In addition, the player for audio books can be displayed on the lock screen and even control playback without unlocking the smartphone. The program also has an advanced sleep mode, which will stop playback when you sleep on a given interval, or automatically.
Summary. MorterPlayer Audiobook - a powerful player for audio books with the ability to adjust each element of the program "for themselves." The program is absolutely free and without any restrictions. Thank the developers is to purchase a special Donat-application.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 6/10
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Where could I find a copy of the instructions for Mort Player Audio Books?
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