Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
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Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure

Review Westbound: Pioneer Adventure

Kevin Vadala
Great graphics, fun and colorful
Shallow gameplay
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure is another farming style waiting game, but this time you can explore the frontier - well, sorta. You click on rocks to unearth more of the land and random problems occur which makes up the story line. In classic fashion, you simply tap things and manage your land with or without micro transactions.
The characters in the game are cartoony as they always seem to be now a days, and the tutorial is actually fairly short as these type of games tend to start out. You start out tapping stars and coins, and ordering the main character to do some tasks. The way the graphics work in the game feels slightly different, as it presents you with a more zoomed in, from the side, kind of view. When you zoom in the main character’s model actually looks decently detailed.
When you explore the terrain on the sides of the map, you unearth objectives and even characters. Upon one of the first forays into the mountains, (it doesn’t really feel so much as exploration as unlocking very small pieces of your main area) you find a grizzled, short, and round pioneer. It’s nice that the creators put some care into creating personalities for the characters, but for a game that mainly consists of small meaningless conflicts without a central arc, it almost seems like side attraction to get you to forget about the core gameplay elements that revolve around waiting, grinding, or simply tapping on coins and stars.
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure has a tremendous amount of charm and in some ways polish. Although with such formulaic gameplay, I feel like the developers almost had to have some forms of the game be top notch. Unfortunately, those familiar with this genre won’t find much they haven’t seen before besides funny characters and mock explorations.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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i was trying to start the game over by deleting in from Cloud and then reinstalling it, re downloading it and it goes to the point i was at, how can i start over?
Vlad Popa
I believe that the game uses a ID save system. I am unsure if there is a way to reset the save short of resetting the device.
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