Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
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Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker

Review Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker

Kevin Vadala
Colorful style, funny creatures
Hectic but easy gameplay
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker is colorful, poppy, and free to play. Which one of these features do you think stands out the most? For me, it was free to play. Perhaps mostly because everything about the game seemed to attack that very idea at its core.
In many ways, applications on the app store take a few forms. There are the tower defense games, the clash of clan games, and then the bubble popping games. Galaxy Trio is the latter, but has more of an Arkanoid feel. It doesn’t differentiate itself in any positive way besides it’s different cosmetics and general goofy flair. A lot of the game you fling and launch balls and they seem to do their own thing - but there’s a little too much going on to make movements feel strategic.
The level system in the game feels very similar to other games, which the traditional copied Mario system with levels linked across a map. From there, you enter the level and complete it very easy and are encouraged to share it via social media. Sometimes, and more often than not, you will encounter an add after winning. What a great reward!
Then between levels, there's a variety of different things to pay attention to, most of which concern ways for the developer to make money or for you to gain rewards by completing out of game tasks. When you are selecting your character, you also have the option to pay 1.99 for a new one.
The gameplay in Galaxy is OK. It feels very easy and somewhat polished, but it’s not enough to distract from the rest of the experience which feels so aggressively “free to play”.
Galaxy Trio: Bricker Breaker is only for those who love breaking breaks. For those sick of free to play games and all that they represent and don’t truly play as they say they will, steer clear.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
Nostalgic gameplay, dynamic mechanics
Bland level design, no meaningful progression
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker for Android takes you back to the good ol'days. Back when people were content sitting around playing pong for hours on end. Things seemed a lot simpler back then. Or maybe that's just me looking back through rose-tinted glasses. Regardless, this it's a fun arcade game that gets everything right.
Starting with the controls, all you're doing is dragging the platform across the bottom of the screen. Yeah, it's that's simple. You bounce the ball off the blocks to break them. Once you've broken them all you're pretty much done. Except that's when they decide to throw you some curve balls.
As you're breaking the bricks you'll notice other things that are falling towards your platform. This creates a bit of havoc as you're trying to separate the ball from everything else. Most of the time the other falling objects are either power ups or animal blocks you're trying to save. Suddenly you're swiping like a madman trying to collect everything before it falls into the endless abyss.
Other mechanics include enemies that will fire at your platform, so you'll then be tasked with avoiding projectiles while still trying to be in a position to collect other objectives in the game.
Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker is an amazingly fun game that brings in a lot of fun innovations to a game that's been around for decades. The game is as arcadey as it gets, so if you've got some free time to burn, make sure you download this game and have some fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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