Paper Planes Flight Sim
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Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim
Paper Planes Flight Sim

Review Paper Planes Flight Sim

Kevin Vadala
Interesting and colorful graphics, fun controls, multiplayer component works well
Only one level
Paper Planes Flight Sim for Android is a fun little game where you can fly a paper airplane in a small town and surrounding countryside. The game uses an interesting polygon art style that feels like watercolors.
When I first started flying in Paper Planes, I was terrible. But after a few more tries, I got the hang of the controls and they started to feel less inconsistent and more sensitive. While I can’t say that the controls of the game are fantastic, they do allow for improvement and it’s fun once you get the hang of the movement mechanics. It’s all controlled with one joystick, with inverse up and down.
The small town has small houses, and the rest of the level is valleys and mountains. Everything is very bright and green and very good looking. I have never seen art style like in this game before. It seems somewhat cartoony but at the same time contains a hint of realism with the lighting effects. The music in the game is also fun and peaceful.
Flying around in the game is a blast because you can turn into other planes and see other players. The planes act as power ups and you can fly anything from a jet, to an old school multi-winged plane. They are at tricky spots in the level, so they feel challenging to get. I couldn’t ever figure out if there was a real benefit to getting them, but I generally did so because they have a cool chrome look. As far as the multiplayer component goes, it’s relatively simple but also interesting. You see other people just like you struggling to control planes while you fly around. Something about the way the multiplayer was integrated in such a passive way felt really calming. You get scored on the leader board by how long you stay alive without crashing.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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