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Touchgrind BMX
Touchgrind BMX
Touchgrind BMX
Touchgrind BMX
Touchgrind BMX
Touchgrind BMX

Review Touchgrind BMX

Kevin Vadala
Impressive and unique, great controls
Can be hard to remember tricks
Touchgrind BMX for Android is a biking game where you can do tricks, unlock bikes, and explore levels.
Touchgrind BMX takes after the popular and successful Touchgrind. In many ways, I feel like Touchgrind BMX is more accessible and easy to start out with, but perhaps still difficult to master.
There's a variety of different tricks to tackle, from flips, gyro spins, to tail spins. You accomplish each one of these tricks by swiping in certain directions, and you control the bike with one finger on the saddle and one on the bars. By holding your two fingers at those locations, it makes the bike move, and if you take your finger off the saddle of the bike it slows down. When I first played Touchgrind, which used a similar control scheme, I found it slightly awkward. It still feels strange here with the way your fingers have to be oriented sideways.
Yet everything within the game feels very polished. The movements, while slightly stiff to actually perform, do perform exactly as expected. They feel snappy, and the audio effects when placing your bike in a correct movement feels rewarding and satisfying. The tutorial within the game is also very explanatory, even though it is only an extended video. It took me awhile to realize that, and I couldn't figure out why there was an input lag with me trying to get to the next parts.
As far as the payment model goes, Touchgrind BMX is done right. I didn’t encounter any irritating ads while playing the game, but levels are considered unlockables and bikes as well. There have been some reports from reviews on the play store of people not getting what they paid for, which is something to consider.
Touchgrind BMX is a polished entry into what is really a new type of genre on mobile devices. There is nothing like it on the play store, so check it out!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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