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Sea Stars
Sea Stars
Sea Stars
Sea Stars
Sea Stars

Review Sea Stars

Sergei Petrov
Sea Stars - a new exciting taymkiller from studio Hothead Games, which gave us such a masterpiece as the quest Machinarium , and a very interesting baseball manager Big Win Baseball . You can download the game completely free from the app store and Google Play our site.
Developers do not have to reinvent the wheel and took the basic concept of the popular runner Jetpack Joyride , adding to it the physics of the game Whale Trail Frenzy . Actually symbiosis of flying in the clouds, and the whale floating on tech dzhetpake agent got something in between, familiar and realistic, that is, on the sea pogonyalki dolphins.

Geimpley Sea Stars for Android

Control of the game is very simple. When we click on the screen, delfinchik sinks to the bottom, press the finger, and it throws out quickly, according to the laws of physics. In this case, at the time of the flight, we get a good opportunity to collect coins and make a beautiful somersault.
Along the way we will come across in the way the various obstacles such as jellyfish, stingrays, sea urchins and fast rockets. Each meeting ends with these representative fatal, then have to start the game again. Of course, the game sold a special "voskreshateli," but very few of them, and they are produced with sweat and blood, or through the mechanism of internal purchases.
Of course, on the way there are not only obstacles, but also various bonuses. For example, selecting purple whale, we join together for a while and had the opportunity to fly and perform virtuoso tricks, with the game mechanics changes completely. The idea of ​​these bonuses was completely lapped up with Jetpack Joyride, where it worked well.
Though in appearance a game focused more on children, the statistics showed that these arcades is more popular among adults, especially among office workers.
The main advantage of the game - this is, of course, insane simplicity. The whole process of the game can be controlled with one finger by touching and holding the screen. To make the game variety, the collected coins and earn points you can buy in a store partner, improve, or replace the dolphin's another character.
Summary. Sea Stars - this is a decent free arcade taymkiller, which does not mind spending a couple of hours time. Due to its simplicity, the game is perfect for a variety of breaks, pauses, expectations on the road, etc.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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