Sausage Dog Diving
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Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving
Sausage Dog Diving

Review Sausage Dog Diving

Tariq Abdulla
Unusual plot, responsive controls, addictive mechanics
Monotonous game play
Sausage Dog Diving for Android is a cute little game in which a sausage dog is fired out of a circus canon, and you guide him into a long tube. You shorten his arc of descent by tapping the screen. Because he is so long, you have to enter the pipe quite at an acute angle.
Sausage Dog Diving is incredibly simple, but it's also challenging to get it right a lot of times in a row. I was aiming to break 10, but only managed to get up to 8 so far. It's kinda monotonous doing the same thing over and over, but it's oddly addictive. Part of that lies in how satisfying it is when the dog slides down the tube, with a pleasing sound-effect. It's like that feeling when you get a long piece at just the right moment in Tetris.
Surprisingly for such a simple game, it's possible to break it in a couple of interesting ways. For example, if you start turning before leaving the canon, it's possible to get the dog to slide back into it, and just be stuck there till you exit the game. Also, sometimes, you can get the dog's head in the tube, and score the point (with the sound effect), even though the animation shows him bouncing off.
Sausage Dog Diving is an unlikely game scenario (who would dream this situation up?) It reminds me of some really old games like Snake and Gorillas, because most of the focus is on the challenge presented in the game, with the animation, design and story just there to make it look a bit more fun. It's just as addictive as the old games, and it's an original concept.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
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