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Review Interstellar

Kevin Vadala
Fun to make planets inside a solar system, very interesting gravity system
Not much of a game
Interstellar for Android is a space faring game where you can create solar systems with dynamic gravity systems, and even visit your friend’s solar systems. You can pilot a small ship through your created systems.
Interstellar has really cool gravity mechanics. If youre ship gets too close to the sun, it gets sucked in and blows up. I flew my ship directly at it to see what happened, and I wasn’t disappointed. I made my sun particularly huge and gruesome so it didn’t take long for my small ship to get sucked into it’s gravity and mass. The gravity exists as a sphere around planets, and it’s shown through outlined circles.
Besides blowing yourself up on stars, you can also customize your solar system. There are a wide arrays of customizable features like changing planet sizes, shapes, and even what type of planet it is. I made a Jupiter like planet and even an asteroid. The planets don’t look as good close up in these screens, but when you zoom out everything looks fantastic. The dark lighting of space, and the vector based gravity wells look really cool. If anything, this game definitely has graphics and physics to brag about.
Unfortunately, Interstellar doesn't feel so much a game as it does a space and planet simulator, and a relatively basic one at that. You really only can fly your ship around and complete basic objectives that revolve around controlling your ship. There aren’t pirates, other ships to interact with, or trade routes to complete. The game makes me want a game with Interstellar’s mechanics and another game’s space world building.
Interstellar is a fun game to dink around in for a limited time. It’s great for space nuts, or for those curious how a planet creator might play out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 7/10
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