War of Chess
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War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess
War of Chess

Review War of Chess

Kevin Vadala
Decent graphics, fun to watch chess pieces fight, good amount of features
Races are limited
War of Chess for Android plays like a classic chess game with a twist. It’s similar to the chess match in the popular Star Wars movie, except this time with chess pieces that look like orcs and fearsome creatures. You can unlock the different races in the game that replace your chess pieces via in game purchases.
Chess is solid in this game like it has been in countless other forms. The pieces are easy to move, and easy to see where you are moving. There is a gold circle that shows you the place you have selected. It’s fun in this game to watch your pieces move, and while the attack animations aren’t overly complex, it’s still satisfying to see combat play out among your chess pieces.
The graphics in the game are decent as well. Most of the pieces don’t stand out too much from each other, but it’s easy enough to tell the difference between the pieces. At the top right corner, there is even a helpful mini map if you are not sure what piece is what. While the pieces do stand out from each other, my queen didn’t really look as queenly as I might have expected. She looked like an orc with longer black hair. For all I know it might have been just an orc male pretending to be a queen with a tiara. But maybe that’s just how orcs are?
There are also a good amount of options within the game. You can play via multiplayer through friends or matches, and stats of your wins and losses are kept which is a cool feature. The computer also has different difficulty settings, and plays at a very strong level at the normal mode.
War of Chess is a fun reskin of chess. It’s too bad that the game incorporates popular free to play mechanics such as an add on the bottom. It throws off the feel, and only being able to play the orc race feels restrictive. There is also only one level at the time. But the level looks cool and fiery. I would of liked to see some of the pieces knock other pieces off the board.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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